26 April 2016

Sules Design Ltd. Launch Party

WARNING: Picture heavy

Last Friday I went back to London to check out the launch party for Sules Design, a new, London-based jewellery brand that showcases unique, one-off pieces sourced from international designers. Headed by entrepreneur Suzy Sicobo, Sules promises an accessory for everyone, be it a young person with a flair for fashion looking for the kind of vogue not easily found here in the UK, or an older individual seeking to enhance their elegance with something a little different. This claim proved to be pretty accurate at the party, for which the dress code was 'unadorned:' attendees were able to try on the one-of-a-kind pieces and purchase anything they liked on a first-come-first-serve basis; by the end of the night I saw men and women of all different tastes and ages wearing something from the brand around their wrists and necks, and even picked up a little something for myself that I can't wait to feature in future outfit posts. For a sneak peak of just some of the items available from Sules, check out the pictures I took at the event below:

Special thanks to Suzy Sicobo for the invite. To see more from Sules Design, check out their website here or their Facebook page here.