5 February 2016

5 Short but Sweet Twine Games

(May contain feels and/or intrigue)

If you haven't yet heard of Twine or you've dismissed it up until now, then you've been missing out. Admittedly, its name holds some ill repute; the freeware is perhaps best known for its involvement (albeit minor) in the Gamergate debacle of last summer, which was initially sparked by controversy surrounding Depression Quest, a game created using the Twine engine. Gamergate aside, its frequent association with female users, unpopular narratives, and lacklustre productions has earned it something of a reputation amongst mainstream gamers as a sham for 'tumblrinas' and programming amateurs to play at being real developers.

But the thing is, despite the bad press it's managed to acquire, there really are some true Twine-based gems out there waiting to be found; it's just that they're buried under several heavy layers of prejudgement and lots of dull rock. I did some digging and eventually stumbled upon a small treasure trove of well written and thought provoking titles. Here are a few of them in order of ascending length, with the shortest being less than minute long and the longest around thirty minutes tops.

These games are best played completely blind so I'm not going to give anything about them away. Pick the title that you like the most and give that one a try, or play through all of them at your leisure since as they're all fairly brief. Take a look and see what you think.